Brush Sets

Ready to shop for some new makeup brushes? Whether you’re looking to take your eye and brow makeup to the next level, want to put together a festive beauty look for the holiday season, or need a new lip tool for the perfect pout, the makeup brushes from the BH Cosmetics shop will take care of your every makeup brush need.

Face Makeup Brushes

Let’s begin with the face. Whether you can’t live without your foundation and concealer or want to improve your contouring game, good face makeup brushes are a must. You’ll find many different makeup brush sets that focus on the face in the BH Cosmetics online shop. One of the most popular is the Sculpt and Blend 2 brush set. These 10 brushes work well with all makeup formulas. Their versatility also makes them a fantastic gift for other makeup lovers!

The 10 piece Marble Luxe makeup brush set is another best seller. The gorgeous marble-style handles with rose gold ferrules will give any makeup counter a more elegant touch. There are also a few eye brushes included in this set, plus all the bristles are synthetic and cruelty-free. Want even more bang for your buck? Go for the Spice Bundle. This collection not only contains the Marble Luxe brush set, but also features a makeup palette, a liquid eyeliner, and a mini mascara - everything you could need to create a flawless beauty look!

Nose Makeup Brushes

Before we move on to eye makeup brushes, let’s quickly talk about the nose. Highlighting and contouring the nose can dramatically transform a beauty look. To do this, always start by cleansing your skin. Then, follow this up with a moisturizer and a primer, before reaching for your nose blending brush. Don’t have one? You’ll find a special makeup brush designed specifically for the nose in the Highlighting Essentials brush set. Use this to apply a highlighter down the center of your nose. Then, apply a contouring product along the sides of your nose. Blend this in well for chiseled perfection.

Eye Makeup Brushes

Many of the makeup brush sets available on the BH Cosmetics online shop contain a mix of both face brushes and eye brushes. However, if you already have all of the face brushes that you could possibly need, then shop the Smokey Eye Essential brush set. These 7 brushes all focus on eye makeup. The tapered diffusing brushes can be used with or without product. They’re amazing for blending, and are also a must-have for the cut crease beauty look. Use the eye detailing brush and the bent liner brush to draw precise lines on your lids, before blending these out with the smudger brush for the ultimate smoky eye.

Need even more eye makeup brushes? Try the Zodiac Brush Set, which also makes the perfect gift. These 6 professional brushes focus on defining and blending and come with their very own sparkly makeup bag so that you can use your tools on-the-go.

Eyebrow Makeup Brushes

Messy eyebrows can ruin an otherwise flawless beauty look, so make sure that you’ve stocked up on brow brushes from the BH Cosmetics online store. The Take Me Back to Brazil - 10 Piece Brush Set includes an angled brow brush that creates the perfect arch.

If you would like something a little more multifunctional, the Poolside Chic brush set contains a double-ended angled eyebrow brush and spoolie brush. The spoolie brush is not only a useful tool for grooming your brows and brushing through any color you apply, but it can also be used to de-clump your eyelashes after you have applied your mascara.

Lip Makeup Brushes

Don’t have a makeup brush for your lips yet? You’re missing out! The lip brushes from BH Cosmetics have been designed to apply lip products with super precision, while also preventing any smudging. Gently tapered bristles give you much more accuracy than if you were to use your lipstick bullet. Lip brushes are also a must for those who enjoy mixing different lipstick formulas to create their own customized lip shade. Lip brushes aren’t difficult to use either - just dip your lip brush into your lipstick pot or onto your lipstick tube and then brush the pigment onto your lips.

The lip brush in the Lavish Elegance brush set is perfect for this, and the fact that these 15 professional makeup brushes also come with their own makeup bag is a huge bonus! The Studio Pro Brush Set is another brush set that contains a lip brush. This one also features a dual-ended eyeliner and spoolie brush, which you can use to keep your eyelashes in shape.

If you’re looking for new makeup brushes or any other makeup tools, BH Cosmetics is the only online shop you need. Whether it’s makeup brushes for the eyes, face, or lips, all of the BH Cosmetics brushes are available for online ordering. Treat yourself or buy them as a gift for someone else - these makeup brushes are great value, so order now before they sell out!