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ASTEVIA organic stevia liquid 3.8 Litre bulk pack | How to make Green Smoothies in New Zealand


ASTEVIA organic stevia liquid 3.8 Litre bulk pack


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Product Description

You are buying a 3.8 Litre bulk container of ASTEVIA organic stevia liquid.

Suitable for sweet tooth families and caterers.
3 drops = 1 teaspoon of sugar

Suitable for: adults, children, diabetics, pregnant women

If you are like me you like sweet foods at least from time to time or love having a sweet flavour in baking, meals or drinks.
But sugar is the leading cause of health issues such as weight gain and diabetes. Sugar highs and lows with their mood swings are the cause of much stress to adults and children alike. In some cases with the elimination of sugar highs and crashes the personality of the child is unrecognisably different. Wouldn’t it be great if you never had sugar again and your house was sugar free? Wary of chemically made artificial sweeteners?

Stevia is a sweet natural herb extract that is 300 times sweeter than sugar and does not contain sugars or calories. This amazing sugar alternative has been used for hundreds of years by the natives of South America as a sweetener in their drinks and teas. ASTEVIA is organic and is 98% pure RA (the part of the juice which is sweet) and doesn’t have the bitter aftertaste often associated with other inferior alternatives (which are less than 50% RA).

It is essential your stevia is organic as it is the dried concentrated juice from the leaves of the stevia plant, in non organic stevia any synthetic fertilisers and pesticides in the juice will be concentrated down into the stevia you eat.

ASTEVIA is 100% organic certified by CERES and is 100% free of any harmful additives. It is certified Kosher, Halal, ISO 9001 (quality control) and ISO 22000 (food safety management system).  ASTEVIA is the highest purity organic stevia available in New Zealand.

In tests stevia has also been shown to inhibit some of the bacteria that causes tooth decay.
Lose weight, have happier children, end sugar cravings. Get yourself and your family off sugar now with 100% natural organic ASTEVIA .


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