How to identify best quality plywood

How to identify best quality plywood

Looking for best quality plywood for your interior furniture, but confused in what things to look for in plywood selection? Please don’t get confused this blog will help you step-by-step to know more about plywood and select right one for your house or offices.

Firstly there is myth in India that branded plywood from top brands is always best quality plywood. This is not always correct. Turnover of these big brands are very high and from them manufacturing all products in-house is impossible. In order to fulfill demand, these companies outsourced their product from small manufacturers or from china.  Thus their quality compromised. These companies spend lots of advertisement and other events, which in turn makes plywood more expensive than its original price. These companies concentrate on more their premium range plywood which is very expensive. If your budget is high then you can go for this premium range plywood and be tension free.

How to identify best quality plywood? Please follow below steps

  1. Identify area where to use

    You should identify area or room where you want to use plywood. For example

    • If you buying plywood for furniture in dry area like bedroom, living room or study room than consider buying Commercial or MR grade. Know more about Commercial or MR Grade Plywood.
    • But if you are buying plywood for furniture in kitchen or bathroom, than consider buying Waterproof or Gurjan. Know more about Waterproof plywood & Gurjan Plywood

    Make a list how many plywood sheets you need for each room. And at a time ordering, order accordingly.

  2. Always buy from stockist or big wholesaler

    We all know plywood prices at wholesaler are lesser than retailers. But there is also some more benefits like you will get chance to choose from different types of plywood at one place. These wholesalers always maintain different type’s plywood like MR Grade Plywood, Waterproof plywood and Gurjan Plywood. Suppose you select MR grade plywood, then at these places you will get chance to see hundreds of MR Plywood sheet & easily judge quality of plywood by comparing with other. You can check lots of other factor of plywood by looking at it. And at retailer they make you select from trade sample or from one sheet, but at stockist you will see full plywood sheet.

  3. Check For ISI marks

    Best Quality plywood is always ISI certified. Commercial Or MR Grade Plywood is IS: 303 and Marine or Waterproof Plywood is IS: 710. Always looks for CML number underneath of ISI mark. Plywood manufacturer has unique CML no, which also help in identifying plywood manufacturers easily.

  4. Check plywood from Outside

    There are numbers of things you can check in order to examine plywood quality.

    • Check whether plywood have wood face veneer or not. Laminate will easily attach on wood face veneer than recon face veneer.
    • Check plywood surface is smooth and doesn’t have ups or down.
    • Check all four corner of plywood & make sure it has no thickness variation
    • Check Weight of plywood by lifting from one side. Heavy weight plywood is always carrying more density.
    • Check side of plywood and make sure core layers should be visible as straight lines without core gaps and much overlapping.
    • Always knock in center of plywood to make sure it is not hollow and make similar sound on all part of plywood
    • Check whether 18mm plywood is bending or not. If 18mm plywood is bending then it means is not well made.
  5. Ask for small cut piece of plywood

    From small cut piece of plywood you can check whether plywood is full-core full-panel or not. Which wood core is used in making this plywood can easily identified from this small cut piece. You can also check nail holding ability of plywood.

Hope this blog answers all your questions when selecting best quality plywood. If you still have more questions please visit our website TRISHUL TIMBER.