PCB Assembly

Our passion is to create the cutting-edge manufacturing solutions that turn countless innovations into reality every day.

The electronics industry has never been more complex. With more NPIs, more product variants and more changeovers than ever before. Our answer to the industry’s need for higher productivity and utilization is a complete SMT manufacturing solution that masters the complexity of modern electronics production.

Take your productivity to new heights

Mycronic’s PCB assembly solutions for the smart factory make manufacturers more flexible and with our solution we enable full visibility planning, complete material tracking, efficient changeovers, automated replenishment and intelligent storage solutions.

By combining deeper knowledge of your production challenges with the integrated solutions needed to solve them, we make it possible to double or triple utilization without adding additional staff.

Data-driven quality control

Factories today are drowning in data, generating more data every second. Gathered, correlated and analyzed wisely, this can be your greatest asset for improving quality management.

Closing the productivity gaps

Even when operators and machines are running at full capacity, there are still significant gains to be made. Through enhanced interfaces and smarter interactions, your existing resources can create more value than ever before.

Factory-wide flexibility

From supporting shorter product cycles to pioneering novel applications, flexibility is about much more than having the right equipment. It means bringing together suppliers, customers and partners into new cycles of collaborative innovation.

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Our PCB Assembly Solutions 

Solder paste printing
MY700 high speed jet printer and dispenser

Solder paste inspection
Pi series 3D SPI equipment

Component placement
MY300 series pick-and-place machine

Automated optical inspection
I series 3D AOI equipment

MYD series dispensing robots

Component storage
SMD Tower storage solution

Process software
A complete software suite for process management