75 Clever Hallway Storage Ideas

This is a great idea for a super simple and sleek storage you could build in an entrance hall. Sliding handless doors make this possible.

A hallway is a space that you see first coming home and the place where you leave coats, umbrellas and shoes and many other things. If you have a small hallway how can you organize storage so that it wouldn’t take much space but could contain a lot of things? We’ve found a bunch of brilliant ideas for you! According to the style of your interior you may choose any idea from hidden minimalist storage and vintage suitcases to rustic baskets and pallet boxes hanging on the wall. Everything depends on the amount of space and colors and atmosphere you want to create. Look at the ideas below and enjoy!

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Slim wall-mounted cabinets won't occupy much floor space.

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Built-in drawers is another way to turn your hallway into a storage mecca. Lots of folded clothes, shoes, jewelry and other small things could be stored there.

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Rustic shelving works really well in terms of overall design if it matches other elements like a ceiling or baseboards.

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It's a perfect place for a home library.

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Handless minimalist design with a little display in the middle.

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A built-in cabinet could have enough space for a linen storage. A gallery wall is as trendy addition to a hallway as to any other room.

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One more great example of minimalist hallway with lots of storage space.

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Hallway shoe storage could be quite beautiful and minimalist looking.

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One more simple idea for open shelves combined with shoe storage.

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Push latch is a perfect mechanism for minimalist storage solutions.

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If you have nice wall color in your hallway then open shelving unit is perfect to show it.

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Hanging sideboard is perfect minimalist lightweight solution.

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For a narrow hallway you should choose narrow storage solution. You can cover the whole wall with such storage and it won't be look bulky.

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Multifunctional storage is always a great choice. A small unit could provide hidden storage space, coat hooks and an open shelf.

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A good storage bench and two narrow storage units is usually more than enough to organize your family's clothes and shoes.

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Open shelving works well in hallways because it usually doesn't occupy lots of space and isn't bulky. It's perfect to display family photos, stuff you bring from travels and books.

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Hanging units is always a great solution for small spaces because it won't occupy any floor space.

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There are cool shoe cabinets in IKEA in Hemnes collection that you should take a look at. They are really narrow so they won't eat a lot of floor space.

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Built-ins could solve exactly your needs without looking bulky.

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This is a great example of how smoothly could built-ins blend with your interior. That is probably the best solution for apartments.

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If you're searching for cheap DIY hanging units then simply use wooden crates.

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Don't forget that your storage could be a stylish addition to a hallway if it's chosen right.

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Mudroom lockers is quite popular and practical solution for small spaces.

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Tall units are great if you want to store a lot of small things. For example, if you want to organize your craft supplies.

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Just make sure that your storage organizers are narrow cuz usually it's a bad idea to make a hallway narrower than it already is.

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Mid-century inspired storage could look great. Mixing colors could make it to stand out.

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Combining seating cushions with storage units is always a smart choice for entryways.

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In case you don't like standard solutions there are plenty of creative entryway storage units done in different styles.

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Another clever idea is to use cubbies on castors. This way you can always move them around.

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The simplest and the cheapest choice is to buy storage units in IKEA but if you build or find the one that fit your interior style - you'd be rewarded with a great hallway design.

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Combining different kinds of storage is an another smart decision to solve all your needs.

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In some cases, creating a small laundry space in a hallway is a great idea. You can simply hide it behind the curtain.

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Hallways are great areas to display things. Here is a simple but smart solution to display small stuff.

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Probably kids are those who need the most cleverly organized storage in a mudroom. Otherwise things could get messy.

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Built-in shelving will make your passageway much more practical.

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You can always add a splash of color if you DIY your storage solution.

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This storage wall is a great example of how much storage you could fit into a hallway.

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Storage under stairs should also be smart.

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Awkward niches are perfect to organize clothes and shoes.

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Reusing vintage suitcases is a cool idea to make a decorative storage solution.

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