What Does SMD Led Mean?- 3W 3535 SMD Blue LED 460-470nm

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What Does SMD Led Mean?

SMD is the abbreviation of surface mount device, LED is the abbreviation of light emitting diode, so SMD LED is surface mount light emitting diode. SMD LED is a semiconductor device that converts electric current into light. SMD LED is the most widely used type of LED in the market today, it is characterized by low energy consumption and high brightness and is widely used in home and industrial lighting, such as LED screens, TVs, projectors, etc. Among the large full-color screen need to use RGB system SMD LED. commonly used smd led models are mainly: 3528 SMD lamp beads, 5050 SMD lamp beads, etc..

3W 3535 SMD Blue LED 460-470nm

Moonleds high power Ceramic 3w 3535 Blue LED features high reliability and color consistency, wavelength from 440nm to 485nm, is suitable for specific lighting solutions which require different blue lights.

Photography LED High CRI98 3030 SMD Chip

- High CRI 98, TLCI of 95, True color reproduction - Super lumen output, bright, pure and consistent white - Outstanding efficiency lm/W at rated forward current - 3 Volts & 6 Volts & 9 Volts options - Video shooting, photography, studio and film lighting

3535 RGB LED Flat Lens Frosted Silicone

3535 RGB SMD LED, 3 in 1 multicolor led chip, with flat frosted slicone lens, delivers excellent color mixing performance and creates great color uniformity. It's widely used in landscape lighting, and architectural lighting.

SMD LED Chip 3030 3V 6V 160-180lm

- The most economic 1w 3030 led solution; - High lumen output up to 160-180lm at rated power; - 180-190lm/W efficiency suits high-end lighting application; - 6v@150mA, 3v@300mA are available - industrial lighting field, street lights, flood lights, high bay lights.

850nm 3535 IR SMD LED

· Full wavelength options from 730nm to 1300nm · Optimized for plant growth light, sensor system, night vision device surveillance cameras · High efficiency and reliability · Low thermal resistance · Designed for high current operation

High Efficacy 200lm/w 1W SMD LED 3030

Moonleds high efficacy 3030 led chips are available in both 3V and 6V that gives design flexibility. It comes in 1800K to 7000K with various CRI 70 80 90 95 98 optional.


• 4 in 1 RGBW 5050 SMD LED • Super high lumen output • High Power Ceramic Packaging • Forward current up to 1A available • Epileds, Sanan brand chip

3535 White SMD LED High CRI97

High lumen output and efficacy; Designed for high current operation; Low thermal resistance; Cool white efficacy of up to 130lm/w(25℃, 350mA ); Wide CCT range 2700-6500K; High color quality with CRI min. 97; Pb-free reflow soldering application, etc






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