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What Does SMD Mean In Texting? (Answered!)

SMD means “suck my d***’ in texting. This is most often used as a way of insulting someone or in some way letting them know you are angry. It’s widely used in internet slang and all areas of the internet. It has been in use for a long time, and is perhaps one of the older slang phrases used online.

So, you definitely want to be careful with using this one yourself, and you want to hope anyone who says it to you does so playfully!

It’s obviously quite a rude one, but among friends, it can of course be used in good fun.

What does SMD stand for in texting?

“SMD” most commonly stands for “suck my d***’ in texting.

It’s a slightly insulting term that can be used in a variety of contexts.

These sorts of phrases are relatively common in text speak, though obviously, this one is a lot more NSFW than others.

You’d definitely want to avoid using this one with your boss or your grandparents!

So, how exactly is this phrase used?

Well, as you can expect, the sense of this phrase can be very different and is heavily context-dependent.

The most natural way to think of it is as an insult, as a phrase designed usually to argue back with something you don’t like.

Most commonly, it is almost used just as an extreme way of answering in the negative.

“Can you come over and help me move tomorrow?” “SMD, you never helped me move!” for example.

It might also be a bit more playful and less serious than that.

It could, for example, be used as a way to playfully argue about something. “I think that was such a great movie.” “SMD, you must be kidding!” for example.

It’s not meant as a serious insult, but it does obviously carry strong connotations—so don’t use this one lightly!

It could also be used as a playful way of refusing to do something.

“Can you wash the dishes for me?” “SMD, I did that yesterday!”

Again, it doesn’t have to be as aggressive as it sounds, though you should still certainly be careful of this.

Most of the texting abbreviations we tend to think of are usually much more mild and less forceful than this one.

So, where did this abbreviation come from?


Where did SMD come from?

The truth is it’s hard to say where SMD came from with any certainty.

On a broad level, it most likely arose out of the early texting language of the late 90s and early 2000s.

At this time, almost all mobile phones still had an alphanumeric keyboard, rather than a QWERTY one.

This made typing anything out a lot more time consuming and laborious, and so these sorts of initialisms and acronyms were all the rage.

They saved you a lot of time in typing, and the longer time went on, the more there were that everyone recognized.

SMD was probably a slightly later addition, since all the simpler bases where first covered.

So, we can probably say that SMD arose around the early 2000s.

Even then, though, these abbreviations were very often used in online chatrooms as well, where everyone did have a full keyboard to use.

They simply became popular time-saving tools when long conversations would mean an awful lot of typing.

Of course, even before then, it would have had other meanings which I’ll get into shortly.

This could well have influenced its development into the phrase we know today.

Despite the age of this term it’s still very much alive today, so what does this mean if you see it on TikTok, for example?


What does SMD mean on TikTok?

SMD on TikTok usually means the same thing. It is a way of telling someone “no” in a very forceful way.

It can also be a way of announcing how you feel about something by telling those who feel otherwise to “SMD”.

This is more often how it’s used on TikTok.

“Anyone who thinks that this is a good movie can SMD,” for example.

You are announcing your opinion by forcefully stating anyone who feels otherwise is an idiot!

Of course, again, this is still quite playful, and not really meant as a full insult.


What else does SMD mean? 

SMD can have one or two other meanings, though.

Probably the earliest slang meaning that it had was “SEGA Mega Drive,” which was a gaming console from the 1990s.

This was often shortened to SMD by kids that played them.

Naturally, though, this meaning did tend to fall off as the phrase became better known for its slightly more dangerous meaning!

It has also been said to mean “share my drink” at parties where there is not a lot to drink, in teenage parties and that sort of thing.

Overwhelmingly, though, the most common meaning of the term “SMD” is just suck my d***, however playfully or forcefully the phrase is meant!


So, while it can have one or two other meanings, the most common use of “SMD” is not a nice one.

Avoid using this one yourself unless it’s only with trusted friends.

If someone says it to you, again, try and think whether it’s appropriate in the situation—if the person saying it isn’t your friend, you might want to avoid talking to them anymore!

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