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EPE Waste - Expanded Polyethylene

EPE (expanded polyethylene) is used for packaging for sensitive products such as glass and electronics. EPE consist of shock absorbing cells with air and therefore it has large volume. The volume is a huge problem when it comes to storage, transport and disposal. However with RUNI EPE foam machine you can compact the EPE into block which can be sold for recycling. This means that you can generate an income of your EPE waste. 

EPE Compactor

With our EPE foam Compactor, the RUNI SK370 screw compactor and a special developed pre-cutter, the EPE can be compacted into a cohesive cylinder formed block with a density of up to 500 kg/m3. If you only have small pieces the pre-cutter might not be needed.

The EPE will be cut into small pieces in the pre-cutter. The screw and the automatic hydraulic jaws will compact the material into uniform blocks. The different incorporated sensors ensures easy operation with automatic start and stop function. Some types of EPE, typically with a small cell structure will have a tendency to re-expand when it leaves the machine. In these cases we recommend to compact directly into endless plastic bags.

EPE foam recycling means that the material can be turned into small pellets again and used for production of new plastic products. 


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EPE Foam Recycling Machine