FX-550/FX-350 Industrial Fresh Chicken Breast Nugget Machine,Frozen meat dicing machine,Meat cube cutter

Product Specification:

  • Parameters:
  • Capacity: 700-900kg/h
  • Feeding Tank Size: 120×120×550mm
  • Power: 3.7kw
  • Cutting Size: 5\6\7\8\9\11\13\16\20\27\30mm
  • Dimension: 1940×980×1100mm
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The dicing machine is an important equipment in the production processes of meat products. It can dice the main materials of meat and fat into meat cubes required by users. The number of the blades determines the size of the cubes.


The Parameters of FX-350&FX-550 Dicer Machine 

Model Dimension Voltage Power Capacity Weight Cutting Slot Size Cutting Paling Size
FX-350 1480*800*980mm 380V 2.95kw 500-800kg/h 500kg 84*84*350mm 5\6\7\8\9\11\13\16\20\27mm
FX-550 1940×980×1100mm 380V 3.7kw 700-900kg/h 700kg 120×120×550mm 5\6\7\8\9\11\13\16\20\27\30mm


The Feature of Meat Dicing Machine

The model FX-550 dicing machine is fit to be used in meat food processing factories of large-, medium- and small-sizes, and can also be manufactured into a product of special technological requirements in compliance with the demands raised by the users.
The model FX-550 dicing machine is of compact structure, general use purposes and economical practice.
Through optimized and hygienic design, it adopts integrally welded stainless steel casing (which ensures the strict sealing of joints to prevent from water leakage), and is of smooth and clean surface, with all its cutting parts being easy to be cleaned and to be dismantled and assembled without using tools.
It is of a good safety and protection performance, the dicing machine can be started to work only after the front door is closed; and once the front door is opened in the cutting process, the machine stops automatically.
The preset pressure in the hydraulic system can be adjusted, and the step-by-step marching movement and continuous movement may be selected.
After the slide door of the material-filling groove is closed, the push rod advances automatically, and the cutting will be started after the rod arrives at and keeps the preset pressure. 


Show Detail of Meat Dicing Machine

Control Panel

Material entrance

Protective door and machine is made of Stainless steel .


The widely Application of Meat Dicer Machine

Suitable for those fresh or frozen meat processing factory, supermarket, central kitchen, chain restaurant, ect

In addition to cutting meat, this machine can also be used to cut vegetables dice like diced radish.



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