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Commercial & Industrial Natural Gas Burners

Dunphy commercial and industrial natural gas burners can be used with all types of natural gas fuels with a calorific value ranging from 3-30kW/m³. The range is suitable for use on all makes and types of natural gas heat, steam and incineration boilers, furnaces and for process applications.

Natural gas burner variants are available in the range of 17kW to 30MW (depending on appliance resistance).

The burner motor is encapsulated within the burner housing to reduce noise and eliminate the need for expensive acoustic screens. A low NOx combustion head will reduce NOx emissions to 80mg/m³ and variable speed drives (inverters) and digital modulation can be fitted to provide valuable energy savings.

The operation of the natural gas burners can be made even more efficient by fitting the Ratiotronic™ 3000 digital combustion fuel/air ratio control system.

Commercial and industrial natural gas burners are pre-fabricated and fully tested and approved. Full technical details are available on this site for natural gas boiler burner packages along with a range of combustion equipment.


Click here to view technical details of the smaller (commercial) bio gas range from 17 - 1100kW

Click here to view technical details of the larger (industrial) bio gas range from 160kW - 30MW

industrial natural gas burners