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The rotor is a vital component of electric motors and generators. Sotek is one of the world’s most reliable manufacturers for custom rotor laminations. Our fabrication and assembly services of laser cut laminations come in any quantity, stacking, welding, bonding, assembly, material and component sourcing, engineering, tool design and manufacture, customization, balancing, CNC machining, EDM, Supply Chain Management, castings, processing, finishing, coatings, integration, winding, prototype runs, short runs, high volume, and assembly.


The Importance of Lamination

The rotor consists of a steel lamination and resembles a cylindrical core with evenly-spaced slots for its three-phase windings. The lamination process consistently reduces the loss of iron. Since the lamination is made of steel, the assembly will also reduce Eddy current loss. Because of this, the rotor core will not be subjected to iron losses since the frequency of the rotor current is low.


As the magnetic field of the energized rotor passes through the stator core, a perpendicular flow is created. The current that passes through the stator is the Eddy current, which flows in planes perpendicular to the magnetic field. If the core was not laminated and only made of a solid piece of steel, the Eddy currents would generate so much heat that the core would likely melt. 


At Sotek, we do the hard work for you with our top-of-the-line machines and craftsmanship. We solve your sourcing and production difficulties, streamline your process saving you lead time, processing time, manufacturing steps, purchasing steps, additional vendors while adding value along the way. We meet every challenge with our own creative solutions with the help of our vast network and proven in-house resources.

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