After a large number of basic experiments and engineering cases, WILA can provide different coating schemes according to the different working conditions of customers to form a silicon carbide lining on the surface of the metal flow parts that the flow parts have good wear resistance and resistance. Corrosion performance.

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In strong abrasive conditions in mines, the service life of ceramic pumps is 4-6 times that of metal pumps, and the maximum particle size can reach 18mm, which meets the pump requirements of all processes in beneficiation.Heavy-duty slurry pump, suitable for mining, metallurgy, electric power, coal, chemical, building materials, and other industries, transporting abrasive and corrosive slurry containing solid particles, such as power plant ash and slag transportation, coal slurry transportation, metallurgical concentrator slurry transportation, coal washing Plant coal slurry and heavy-medium transportation, etc. The maximum weight concentration of the solid-liquid mixture: 45% mortar and 60% ore slurry.

Structural Features:

Outlet: 25-450mm;Flow Capacity: 3 m3/h -1300 m3/h;Lift: 5m-95m;Permissible Size of Particle Handled: 11~90mm

1. Single-stage single-suction double-shell centrifugal slurry pump

2. Design of replaceable overcurrent parts

3. The direction of the bearing assembly can be adjusted to facilitate the adjustment of the impeller position

4. Light-duty or heavy-duty brackets and bearing components can be selected according to different working conditions; high efficiency and low energy consumption

5.Minimized vibration and shaft deflection;Steady operation with a Long service Life;Steady operation with a Long Service Life.

6.Double-cases pumps, Discharge direction can be positioned at 8 different positions at an interval of 45° / Wide Impeller vane design, non-clogging with a good performance of NPSH / Expeller combined Gland Packing Seal or Mechanical Seal, reliable and flexible / Could be operated in serial or parallel.

Application Case:

The silicon carbide ceramic pump produced by WILACompany maintains stable and reliable operation in the eight stations of the Yinman Mining cyclone feed pump, roughing feed pump, and selected feed pump, which again proves Hongyuan Carbonization. Excellent performance and stable quality of silicon ceramic pump products. Hinman Mining is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the listed company Xingye Mining. It focuses on lead-zinc-silver and copper-tin-silver-zinc deposits. It contains high silver content and high mineral products. It is the largest single silver mine in China. The largest silver production mine in China.

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