The Traditional Company is a specialist fence and railing company. We manufacture, supply and install quality estate fencing. Traditionally found on a large country estate, private gardens, and amenity areas, this style of estate fencing has had a significant renaissance in recent years and has become very popular with landowners wishing to replace existing post and rail style fencing with a more traditional style estate fencing.

It has also become increasingly popular with landscape architects and property developers who appreciate the way estate fencing provides a break between formal and wilder areas, as well as providing a fence that will last for many generations. Our clients often comment on how estate fencing lifts a property, both aesthetically and financially.

Traditional Estate Fencing

Our estate fencing is an investment. It adds structure to your property and delineates views in a classic, stylish way that has been enjoyed since Victorian times. Well done estate fencing – as we provide – also adds value to your property.

We operate nationwide and we will not be beaten on price. We have a wealth of experience and can offer practical advice to help you enjoy the right option for your property.

Site visits are vital to ensure you get the very best fence for your location. A specialist estate fence installation team will be required to instal your parkland fence as they require welding and painting on-site. This will provide a solid, attractive and durable fence that will last for over 60 years.

Burghley Estate Fencing

Our most popular range, Burleigh uses solid mild steel and is suitable for all normal railings and estate fencing requirements. As it comes with either 4 or 5 metal fence rails, this version is suitable for light stock use such as sheep.

Our fencing always has round top rails, with a choice of round or flat lower rails. Its durability makes it suitable as a metal farm fence. Our most popular steel fences are:

The Burghley B20416

This park fence is 1.2m high (the same height as a standard wooden post and rail), with 1m between each post. It has a 20mm round top rail with 4 lower rails of 16mm round. This version suits those who want to look beyond the fence and enjoy the view.

The Burghley B204256

This fence is 1.2m high (the same height as a standard wooden post and rail), with 1m between each post. It has a 20mm round top rail with 4 lower rails of 25mm x 6mm flat. With this version of parkland fencing you will see slightly more of the fence, so can be argued that it may be more suitable for more ‘showy’ areas.
The prices quoted are for the steel only. Our Burghley Estate Fencing is supplied loose and our fencing installation team is required to erect the fence as welding and painting needs to be done on-site.

Prices from £28.50 + VAT per metre *

*dependent on meterage

Why Choose Our Park Fencing?

We love what we do and what we make, our wrought iron estate fencing is made from the highest quality materials, right here in the UK by our skilled craftsmen. Our service is bespoke to you and your requirements – no two jobs are the same!

We have provided estate fencing services to a massive range of customers across the UK, including some of the biggest private estates to national parks and new-build companies. As estate fencing suppliers we pride ourselves in the quality of our workmanship and installation.

Why Our Metal Estate Fencing is the Right Choice

  • Our beautifully designed metal estate fencing adds value to your property.
  • It seamlessly fits into any landscape and defines barriers.
  • It’s built to last – a solid fence line that will last for well over 60 years!
  • Our metal fencing is more durable than many inferior iron railing fences.
  • Our fencing is competitively priced.
  • Estate Fencing is made and installed to your bespoke requirements.
  • Our fencing is suitable to be used as metal farm fencing.
  • Installed by our specialist estate fencing installation team.
  • Our fences are supplied to the site in loose kit form.
  • We have the best quality metal park railings for sale.
  • Estate Fencing has no weak joints as it is fully welded on site.
  • The fence line follows curves, up and down undulations.
  • An estate style fence can enhance the aesthetics of any large outdoor area, as well as country estates and farms.
    Our metal fencing is renowned UK-wide for its high quality and durability.
  • Provides a barrier for wildlife and cattle.

Chatsworth Parkland Fencing

The Chatsworth estate fence is our lightest weight fence and is suitable for residential and amenity use. These estate railings consist of 4 solid rails and retain the same graceful charm as the weightier Burghley and Highland Ranges.

The prices quoted are for steel railing fencing only. You will need a specialist installation team to erect our metal estate fencing to get the best results.

Prices from £25.50 + VAT per metre *
*dependent on meterage

Highland Parkland Fencing

The Highland Estate Fence is our heaviest weight fence, weighing nearly 20 kg per running metre. This comes as a 5 rail Estate Fence with a round top rail and a choice of either flat or round lower rails.

Highland is our strongest estate railing, robustly built to withstand the most boisterous of livestock. A super solid fence, it has a thrust plate welded on every post. This plate is welded under the ground and reduces any lateral movement caused by the pressure of cattle and horses. The Highland Parkland Fence is supplied with heavier profile posts (40x10mm) and larger rails (25x8mm or 20mm round rails).

Our Highland Traditional Park fence is supplied loose and requires a specialist installation team to erect the fence, to create an attractive and durable fence that will last for well over 60 years.

Country estate fencing prices available on request, please call for a quote.

Prices from £32.50 + VAT per metre *

*Fencing price per metre is dependent on overall meterage.

Country estate fencing prices available on request, please call for a quote.

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