Expanded Metal Fencing

JUNEN fencing expanded metal, strong structure has good safety and appearance, light transmittance and ventilation can be adjusted according to custom size, as early as many years ago, it has been widely used in various buildings, with different designs Creativity, providing diverse storage.

More and more customers are adopt JUNEN expanded metal mesh to replace grille. Based on numbers of mesh size with diversified surface treatment can satisfy various visual effect that customers require.

Mesh Specifications
Name Strand Size (MM) Mesh Size (MM) Open Area
ID No. T W SW LW %
JF-02-10 2 5 10 42 NA
JF-02-13 2 2 13 25 69.2
JF-03-18 3 3 18 175 66.7
JF-03-30 3 5 30 145 80
JF-15-13 1.5 1.5 13 203 76
JF-03-13   3 5 13 203 23
Glossary of Expanded Metal Terms

T (Thickness): Plate Thickness
W (Width): Strand width
SW: Short way dimension of mesh
LW: Long way dimension of mesh

The illustrations show the correct way to designate SW and LW dimensions in relation to the length or width.

【Standard】 【Flatten】

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