Fused Quartz Plates

Custom manufactured, fabricated with precision.

Fused quartz plates may be customized with holes, slots, angles and many other machining techniques.

Fused quartz plates can be produced in any size up to 40” long and widths up to 20”.  Size limitations would be based on a plate that does not have a diagonal over 42”. This limitation applies to only plates that have Blanchard ground surfaces, all other finishes have greater size limitations.

Fused quartz plates can be supplied with various surface finishes

  • Ground and Polished
  • Blanchard Ground
  • Fine Lapped Ground
  • Sand Blasted

The largest ground and polished fused quartz plate is 20” x 24”. General tolerances for fused quartz plates are +/-.015” on length and width, +/-.010” on thickness.

Custom sizes and tolerances are of course, quoted upon request.  Custom is what we do.

Opaque Fused Quartz Plate

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Examples of Fused Quartz Plates

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Machined Glass Specialists is a true custom fabricator of quartz, silica, and borosilicate. We've been machining since 1989.

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