Hinged Joint

Bull Barn Hinged Joint Fencing

Hinged Joint fencing offers longevity, flexibility, and strength.

Bull Barn Hinged Joint woven wire fencing features high tensile steel line wires and one-piece vertical wires joined with hinged joints. Our Hinged Joint construction, and two-way tension crimps, allow the fence to flex up over hills and down through valleys. Manufactured using Class III Electro Galvanized wire, you can be assured that your fence will be ‘Stronger for Longer’.

1st #- represents number of horizontal wires.
2nd #- represents height of fence in inches.

Available in 6" verticals.

Quality of all Bull Barn Fence Factory products is guaranteed.

Bull Barn Fence Factory products have been used to bring many successful projects to completion. Our focus is on quality and innovation, ensuring we offer a range of superior woven wire products and solutions.


Made from high quality, Class III Electro Galvanized wire.


Strong knotting that prevents wire from slipping.


Contiguous vertical wires provide sag-proof vertical integrity.


Saving time and money.



  • Electro Galvanized zinc coatings microscopically penetrate the steel fence wire’s porous surface creating a mechanical tooth & stronger bond than possible with wiped coatings applied in the hot-dipped galvanized coating process.
  • Fence wire strength and hardness are not exposed to the potential softening from high temperatures required in the molten zinc, hot-dipped galvanized coating processes.
  • Electro Galvanized zinc coatings are superior in overall uniformity which enhances corrosion resistance.

Bull Barn Fence Factory manufactures woven wire products with wire from Johnstown Wire Technologies.

Largest producer of value added carbon and alloy wire in North America.

Your Bull Barn fence will be "Stronger for Longer."

Manufactured using premium electro galvanized wire.