Poly Manhole steps

Poly Manhole Steps

The Lane Polypropylene Manhole Steps are the first steps to be offered with molded handgrips and bright red reflectors making it the safest, most innovative product of its kind. Made from tough, weather resistant copolymer polypropylene, the Lane Polypropylene Step also offers a sure-footed tread design, staggered barbed ends for greater holding power and seven water-seal rings.

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Copolymer polypropylene is known for its high-impact strength and superior resistance to the corrosive environment found in sewers. The steps are offered in 10”, 12” and 13” on center widths and several leg lengths.

* All Lane Polypropylene Manhole Steps meet or exceed the requirements of ASTM C-478 and AASHTO M-199. The polypropylene conforms to ASTM D-4101. The ½” Grade 60 reinforcing bar meets ASTM A-615.

Step Model Numbers:
P-14070-HH / P-10938 / P-12850 / P-14850 / P-14938 / P-14850-OS / P-14105-GR

Step model specs:

P-14070 - HH








Drive into preformed holes with a 6 to 10 lb. sledge hammer after concrete is cured to 3,000 PSI minimum.

Steps can also be driven into two parallel 1” diameter drilled holes, 13” on center, 3-3/4” deep. Apply epoxy or a non shrink grout around the barbed ends of the step. Pound the steps into the 1” holes allowing the epoxy or grout to flow out to the square shoulder of the step

The above methods will resist a pullout force of over 1,500 lbs.