Quartz Square Cylinder

Quartz Square Cylinder
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Quartz Square Cylinder

Shengtang Quartz Glass Co., Ltd. is a professional quartz products manufacture in China, and our focus is on manufacture variety of quartz square cylinder and custom quartz square cylinder poducts. Shengtang is so proud of its expertise to make high quality quartz products to meet our customers' requirements.

We focus on various quartz square cylinder, quartz rod, quartz tube, quartz plate and other custom quartz glass items. Also we offer quartz cutting, grinding, milling and drilling services to keep precise tolerance. Custom quartz square cylinder is available from Shengtang.



Features of Quartz Rod/Quartz Square Cylinder

• High Durability

• Good Transmittance

• High Heat Resistance

• Good Electrical Stability

• High Corrosion Resistance

• Low Thermal Expansion Coefficient

• Good Electrial Insulation Performance


Welcome to choose Shengtang Quartz Glass as your loyal partner for long-term cooperation. We will definitely satisfy you with high quality quartz square cylinder and quartz rod products, as well as best services. We would love to give you helpful solutions to any questions, just feel free to contact us for any questions or customization!


Quartz Square Cylinder