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We are the leading of home lift, scissor lift and boom lift manufacturer and supplier from china. As a professional lfit manufacturers, we have lift factory,custom all kind of home lift, scissor lift and boom lift for you.We recruit elevator distributors

OEM Towable Telescopic Articulating Electric Hydraulic Boom Lift manufacturer

Lift height
16 m
Work height
Load capacity
Platform size
Overall size
Power supply

OEM Towable Telescopic Articulating Electric Hydraulic Boom Lift is specifically engineered for those trick, high-up, hard-to squeeze-in jobs. The boom lift is space-efficient, both when in use and folded for storage, as it’s able to move around in narrow spaces easily and be folded up for compact.Articulated boom lift can be mounted on a trailer or truck to move freely from one place to another. It can rotate 360°. The four automatic hydraulic legs provide high stability

OEM Towable Telescopic Articulating Electric Hydraulic Boom Lift manufacturer

OEM Towable boom lift is easy to move, simple to operate, large working surface and balance performance.

In the case of uneven road condition, it can eighter extend its four legs to give support 

simulataneeously or give support with only one leg, which is easy to operate and use.

It is widely used in at stations,docks,public buildings

Telescopic Articulating boom lift offers several benefits

►Compact design for indoor and outdoor use. Accommodates tight work areas 

►Self-leveling platform 

►Hydraulically arms and outrigger interlocks 

►360° continuous turntable rotation

 ►Low ground pressure due to optimal weight dispersal.

 ►Dual power sources:220V AC and petrol engine. 

►Cables and hoses inside the boom. 

►Safety and reliability: Complies with or exceeds all by ISO manufacturing standards, e.g. CE-approval. 

►Adds length and reach through extended joints

Electric Hydraulic Boom Lift control system panel has two choices: Chinese and English.

The main options of the panel include power selection, operation instructions, and control interface, which can understand the lift operation in a comprehensive and timely manner.

If you want to ask anything just fill in the form below and send us. We will contact you within 12 hours.

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