1Meters 500mm Width PVC Heat Shrink Wrap Tube Blue for 18650 Battery Pack

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easy to install and use: This cable kit is easy to install and use, all you need to insert the wire into the wires.

beautiful decoration: The product adopts highquality plastic with exquisite craftsmanship, compact and beautiful appearance, which is a very good decoration.

strong and durable: Made of high quality material, strong and durable.

transparent: The transparent cutouts are visible in color and super colors.

1meters 500mm Width Pvc Heat Shrink Wrap Tube Blue For 18650 Battery Pack - Cable Sleeves - AliExpress

The basic info of heat shrink wrap tube: The model number is 505mm. The item type of heat shrink wrap tube is heat shrinkable. Material used for heat shrink wrap tube is pvc.

The heat shrink wrap tube can provide tensile strength and protection for a wide range of connections. Excellent environmental protection pvc material, durable and practical. The outer layer of connector is made of oxygenfree transparent pvc, which has good insulation performance and high safety. The shrinkable tube is mainly used to protect the middle of the cable, and the inside temperature is not very high. It is recommended to use with the product in order to make it smaller than your own width and thickness. Excellent environmental protection, insulation, stable performance and fast shrinkage. In the meantime, excellent environmental protection, insulation and waterproof, anti enter into bluetooth.

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