Study on the Shrinkable Behavior of PETG/PET Blending Shrink Film


This paper has studied heat shrinkable behaviors of PETG/PET blending film under different blending ratio. The shrink curve, shrink force, film structure and film seaming property were studied by use of electron stretcher, SEM, shrink force tester, shrinkage tester and so on. The results indicated that PETG/PET blending film had uniform internal structure, single melting point which increased with the PET content, and more than 75% TD shrinkage of PETG/PET blending film was achieved which can be widely used in sleeve labels, but MD shrinkage and shrink force was gradually increased with the increase of PET content inside. At the same time, PETG/PET shrink film had better film stiffness, lower seaming strength, higher density and sharper shrink curve under same shrink temperature.



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Shin Hoo Kang, Prof. Hao Gong and Lu Li




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August 2016




* - Corresponding Author

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