Tips For Custom Coffee Packaging

June 02,2021

Coffee is the staple food of families all over the world, so it is very important for brands to understand the essentials of high-quality coffee packaging. From eye-catching visual effects to the food-grade film, the packaging is a sneak peek of high-quality products in-house. This blog post will give coffee brands a better understanding of the factors driving industry growth and the common coffee packaging and design options available to them. 


Custom Coffee packaging options
In today's retail space, coffee brands can use many different packaging formats. These range from coffee cans and disposable capsules to high-quality pouches and traditional bags. Flexible packaging bags and sachets are excellent choices for coffee packaging. The combination of a vent valve and a resealable zipper helps protect the product from the external environment while extending the freshness of the coffee inside. When considering flexible packaging as your coffee packaging, there are four common formats to choose from; stand-up pouch, three-side seal bag, four-side seal bag and flat bottom bag.



Stand up pouch
Stand-up pouches are a favorite for fans who pack smaller volumes (such as 250 grams and 500 grams). The gusseted bottom allows it to stand upright on a shelf, making it a perfect solution for retail coffee packaging. The stand-up pouch coffee bag is simple in design and easy to use, whether it is a coffee roaster or a consumer.


                               Three-side sealing bag

The three-sided sealed bag is perfect for samples or single servings of ground or specialty coffee. Equipped with an easy-to-open tear port, customers can quickly and easily open and pour coffee without scissors.


Flat Bottom Bag

The flat bottom bag is similar to the quad seal bag. Its flat bottom offers the right amount of structure regardless of the volume of coffee being packed. The flat bottom bag is versatile in design and structure, offering side gussets that can be printed separately and a large front panel for exceptional shelf display. 



                       Side Gusset Bag
The quad seal bag is most commonly used for packaging 1kg or more of coffee. With seals on all four sides, this pack stands perfectly upright and looks great on the shelf. Because of the large, square-shaped face, there is loads of room for eye-catching branding and design




If you are in the market for stand out coffee packaging, contact us today, or request a quote, and a member of our team will walk you through your options for creating quality coffee packaging.


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