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Protection for Carpets

Our specially designed films are used to protect the full range of carpet applications including exhibition halls, in the home as well as thermoformed moulded carpets produced for the automotive industry.

Customers can choose from our wide selection of films which have been developed specifically for low to high pile carpets. These highly stable carrier films stay effective when exposed to the most demanding conditions, such as resisting high heel foot traffic at exhibitions which creates extremely high pierce point pressure.

We understand the need to protect treated carpets; POLIFILM have developed an assortment of protective films with very strong compatible adhesion.  POLIFILM PROTECTION offers both solvent based and more environmentally friendly water based product options, catering for every eventuality.

Our films are also used during renovation work for covering flooring in commercial, industrial and domestic situations alongside nautical construction and the aerospace industry. One very important critical advantage of using our protection films is that they reduce the dangers of tripping hazards which is a high risk when using sheet fabrics and tarpaulins.  The self-adhesive film is very easy to apply, can be supplied reverse wound and remains on the carpet throughout the entire renovation work. Fire retardant solutions are also available.

Disposal of the film is just as easy. When the film is lifted the carpet is cleaned as the adhesive system takes away any dust or debris from the applied surface, the film is disposed of taking with it all rubbish and waste without any special disposal requirements.

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