200mm Traffic Light

Original Traffic Solution provides series of 200mm LED traffic signals with different styles, including RGY full ball traffic signal light with cobweb, fresnel lens, High Power Flux or without lens, RGY Arrow signal ight with small or without lens, red cross and green arrow signal light, RGY turning arrow signal light, RGY bicycle signal light and yellow flash with diverging arrows signal light, and pedestrian traffic light.

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200mm Traffic Light Module

200mm Traffic Light module includes Full ball,Pedestrian Signal, Arrow, Countdown,Non-Motor and so on for your choice.

200mm Pedestrian Light Module

Product functions and features:

1.The transparent cover with high light transmittance,inflaming retarding.

2.Supper high brightness LED,Powered by constant voltage and current to reduce Led degradation.

3.More than 10 years life span of the completed lights,Anti-Vibration,resistance to wind load>145km/h887-2011. 6.Double seal,IP grade:IP55.

200mm Pedestrian Light

without lens look quite intuitionistic. The light source is super bright LED and supplied with constant voltage and current to reduce decrease of luminous intensity

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Stablished in 2008, start with traffic solutions in Alexandria inventing new ideas to improve traffic signs and indications technologies,

performance and capabilities, our goal is to achieve the complete perfect and advanced solution for our customers.

We use the latest technology in electronics and communication systems

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