Brighten Your Home or Office Decor With a Vintage Traffic Light

Add a touch of whimsy and color to your home or office with retired traffic lights for sale online. An affordable vintage traffic light is a great conversation piece as well. You will find a wide selection of new and used traffic lights for sale on eBay.

What types of traffic lights are there for sale online?

Vintage stoplights typically come in one of several types. They are categorized by an illumination source, four-way, two-way, freestanding, hanging, and power source. Depending upon the era you shop for, you can find two-color traffic lights for sale that were manufactured before the invention of the “caution” yellow light that is now used. You will find walk/don’t walk signs, directional signs, and signs that police used to hold as they directed traffic at intersections. You may think that retired traffic lights for sale are only for automobile traffic. However, traffic lights were also made to direct streetcars, horse-drawn carriages, and pedestrians. You may also want to collect vintage traffic lights by the city.

Essentials to look for in a vintage stoplight

You want to consider several factors as you shop for retired traffic lights for sale online. The age will impact value. Older stoplights for sale may have greater value. The rarity also tends to increase the value. Is only a handful of a specific traffic light still in existence? Was it mass-produced and still readily available? The condition will impact the value, too. Traffic lights should have all their pieces intact. You may purchase a vintage stoplight with a missing reflector. However, you will want to consider how easy or difficult it may be to find a replacement. If you are thinking of buying a vintage stoplight as an investment, then these factors will contribute significantly to the value. A traffic light in working condition will typically have a higher value than their nonworking counterparts. A working light might also provide you with a more interactive decoration.

What brands of vintage traffic lights are for sale on eBay?

You will find a large selection of manufacturers of retired traffic lights for sale. Some are still in existence like GE. Others no longer exist as companies. Some common brands you will find for sale online include Crouse-Hinds, Harrington-Seaberg, Chicago Pneumatic, Marbelite, Econolite, US&S Company, McCain, Eagle, Raco Products, Liberty Traffic Lights, and Kopp TL.

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