Security Bollards

Security Bollards

Security Bollards have variable uses and are mainly used as physical as well as visual barrier. While creating a controlled traffic setting, they provide protection to lives and properties. Also, they are available in different shapes and sizes with different features suitable for different conditions. The whole range of these systems are specially designed to arrange traffic flow in the community, commercial & semi-pedestrian areas where traffic is restricted. They limit the access to only authorized vehicular traffic and ensure complete security all the time with continuous cycles. Security Bollards are also ideal for anti-terrorism, high-level traffic control and for commercial building entrances & exit.

Every building has its own specifications and needs in context of bollards. Knowledge of various types of bollards along with purpose of the use and conditions of ambience is necessary to find the most appropriate one. You can enjoy many choices, as impact protection is not the only factor to be considered; for example, perimeter barriers avoid the unwanted clutters and security bollards restrict vehicle access and allow pedestrian flow.

Our Solution

From simple to impact tested, the entire system offered by PARKnSECURE is composed of automatic hydraulic bollards , retractable bollards, automation and electrical components, centralized control software, electro-mechanical bollards, and control equipment which aim at providing complete security and comfort. Our safety and security bollards are highly used for:

  • Separation of vehicle traffic from pedestrian areas.
  • Prevention of unauthorized entry.
  • Simple access control.
  • Storefront protection.
  • Traffic control.
  • Building Security.

All of these applications require the right bollard product to be installed in the right place using the right installation methods. This includes various types of bollards and combination of custom material and design. PARKnSECURE offers a full line of complementary bollards to meet a wide range of architectural space or any functional needs. Our services are combined with desirable features such as vandal-resistant bases, structural integrity, uniform illumination, optional distributions, driver access, ease of installation and maintenance and many more.

Classification Of Bollard
  • Fixed/Embedded/Permanent Bollards
  • Surface mounted Bollards
  • Rebounding/Flexible Bollards
  • Removable/Movable Bollards
  • Collapsible/Fold-down Bollards
  • Retractable/Rising Bollards
  • Bell Bollards
  • Racing Bollards
  • Lighted/ Illuminated Bollards
  • High Visibility Bollards
  • Solar Bollards
  • Bike Parking Bollards
  • Crash-rated or anti-ram Bollards
  • Decorative Bollards
  • Non-crash resistant Bollards
  • Stainless Steel Bollards

Why Choose Us?

We offer high quality security bollards of all types that provide exceptional protection from the unwanted elements. They are aesthetically attractive and stay strong for years.

Size variation

Our Security Bollards are available in different sizes

Smooth lines

The classic and clean lines are the key feature.

3. Great finish

Possesses electro-polished and linished finish.

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