Protection for Prepainted Metals

Domestic & Commercial Appliance

Whether washing machines, dryers, fridges, freezers, dishwashers, stoves or extractor hoods, construction materials and design are important factors in any purchase decisions. The most diverse surfaces and structures compete for the custom of private and commercial customers. 

For manufacturers, it is more important than ever to protect their high quality and often exclusive appliances against scratches and other damage until such time as they are installed. POLIFILM PROTECTION has developed a range of advanced protection films to safeguard quality and improve process efficiency.

Optimum adhesive and removal properties

Adhesive systems, adhesive formulation and adhesive strength are always perfectly matched to the individual coating properties. This ensures consistent adhesion across the whole application process whilst being removed easily, simply and gently. The film leaves no residue, and the appliance can be used immediately.


Perfect performance during processing

Appliance protection films by POLIFILM PROTECTION are also extremely puncture and tear resistant, they can withstand any mechanical stresses during processing and can cope with any deformation without detaching. Even demanding processes such as bending, punching and folding are no problem for these films. 

Increased efficiency in manufacturing

POLIFILM PROTECTION films with their easy peel effect help to increase efficiency. Due to the specially engineered removal properties, even on large surfaces and more demanding component shapes, it just takes a few seconds to remove them either partially or completely, resulting in more efficient production lines. 

Continuous quality control

Seamless quality control during production can be achieved by using the transparent film solutions offered by POLIFILM PROTECTION. They allow for continuous visual checks without having to remove the film preventing costly mix-ups during production and help to spot any defects or quality deficiencies at the earliest possible stage. The result is a lower scrap rate and constant quality.


A special solution for plastisol coatings

This transparent protection film allows for permanent visual checks when processing PVC Plastisol surfaces. Its adhesive is resistant to plasticisers migrating from the painted coating, thus ensuring optimum adhesion.

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