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The GRP Tank is ideal for storing water under any conditions. It has advanced protective adaptations to keep out UV rays, prevent leakages and keep the water from freezing.

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An Overview of the GRP Tank

Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) water tanks are a safe, economical and clean way to store water. The GRP tanks are sturdy yet lightweight and can withstand the rigors of outdoor exposure. The  GRP tank manufacturers make use of the SMC (Sheet Moulding Composite) Process to produce quality tanks. The process entails:

Placing the right amount of fibre glass on thin plastic sheets.

Mounting the combination in a hydraulic molding press.

Application of regulated heat and pressure to make it frim and compact.

During this cycle, different features such as ribs and other inserts are molded in as desired.

The frame is then taken out of the press and cooled.

A layer of resin and catalysts are added to the GRP frames and machine-spread between two sheets of GRP. This functions to give it its signature strength.

The end result is a complex and high strength GRP Tank panel.

The panels can now be drilled at the sides where they will be joined together with bolts and nuts to form GRP tanks.

Panel material

Panel Mechine

Pressure Molding

Many Panels

Some of the significant advantages of using this process include:

Strong but very lightweight panels, to reduce the overall weight of the tank.

Customizable color compounds for the tank

Application of regulated heat and pressure to make it frim and compact.

The process gives room for flexibility; It can comfortably accommodate most shape, structure and geometric complexities.

GRP Tank Specifications

Grp tank Specifications
Material Size Panel Shape Thickness Tank Height Thickness Tolerance Volume Color
GRP /FRP /SMC 0.5x0.5 m, 1x0.5 m, 1x1 m Square 5mm-16mm 1-4m(Max) ±0.2mm 0.125m3-1500m3 Any color
GRP/SMC tank panel physical and chemical properties:
Tensile strength (Mpa)≥60 Bending strength (Mpa)≥100 Bending modulus (Gpa)≥7.0 Pap hardness≥60 Bibulous rate,%≤1.0 Glass fiber content,%≥25

The  GPR Tank has the following structure:


The glass fiber panels enhance the tanks rigidity.

The panels are a product of unsaturation resin, which is reinforced with fiberglass for extra strength.

Thermal insulation helps to maintain a constant temperature within the tank, especially in areas with extreme temperature. It is optional to reinforce further the thermal insulation using a layer of polyurethane foam.

The thickness and weight of the panels vary with the tank's height. The higher the tanks, the thicker the bottom panels.

A standard panel is typically 1000 x 1000mm, 1000 x 500mm, 1000 x 1500mm.

1000 x 500mm panel

1000 x 1000mm panel

1000 x 1500mm panel

Bolts and nuts

The bolts, nuts and other fasteners that hold the GRP tank together are hot-dip galvanized. This means that they are adequately coated to prevent corrosion. The internal and roof bolts are grade 304 stainless steel.

Internal Tie Rod

The grade 304 stainless still external tie rod system is hot deep galvanized.

The internal tie rod is also, grade 304 stainless steel.

Bolts and Nuts

Internal Tie Rod

Flange and Tie Piece


The sealant is a product of high density, non-toxic PVC foam

Tank Support/ Skid Base

The beams and framework are hot dip-galvanized


The external ladder is hot-dip galvanized steel pipe while the internal ladder is made of standard 304 stainless steel pipe or hot-dip galvanized steel pipe.


Tank Support


Advantages of Using the  GRP Tank

The GRP tank is easy to assemble and disassemble with the right tools and workmanship. With such flexibility, you can quickly adjust the GRP tank size whenever the need for more storage arises.

Since most of its parts are hot-dip galvanized, there is little to no corrosion. The bolts and nuts, therefore, hold in place for long without loosening.

The panel water tank is easily portable from one location to the next, with very insignificant damage.

The GRP tank material is sturdy and well adapted for the outdoors; hence it can withstand harsh weather conditions and heavy loads.

There are no metal components in the internal structure. This helps to control rust.

The panels keep out light and harmful UV rays to prevent the growth of bacteria and algae.

There is a very insignificant effect on the supply of water during maintenance. This is because the technician does not tamper with internal components. Also, the tank is partitioned to ensure a continued supply.

The panels are dust and insect proof.

The skid base/ tank support is secure to prevent any potential leakage.

Application Areas of the  GRP Tank

Potable Water

The GRP tank is ideal for storing and distributing potable/ clean drinking water. Since most of the municipal water is typically dirty or contaminated, installing a GRP tank will do an excellent service to schools, hospitals, and residential areas.

The tanks are adapted to prevent the growth of algae and bacteria. They also keep away dirt and insects. They will, therefore, ensure clean and constant water supply.


GRP tanks are great for storing and collecting rain water from the mountain. There are steel tower  on the high mountain and install the GRP tank on the steel tower, most of rain water flow to the water tank and then  the rain water run out from the bottom outflow pipe to residential area.

Since the tank support is rigid, there is no chance of any leakage.


All fire departments should have a constant and adequate supply of water at all time. Installing a GRP tank for firefighting purposes will result in a quick and efficient response. Fire water tank material selection grp tanks can hold water for multiple fire emergencies.

Non-Potable Water

The Panel water tank is a good storage facility for rainwater. It is resistant to the chemical composition of rainwater hence it can be used over time without replacing.

The potable water is easily distributed for industrial use or, irrigation scheme supply and other agricultural and farming areas.

Dry Storage

The GRP tank can accommodate dry cereals such as wheat, maize, and other farm produce. The grains are stored for an extended period without getting in contact with moisture.

GRP Tank for Potable Water

GRP Tank for Storing Rainwater

GRP Tank for Firefighting

GRP Tank for Dry Storage

Installing a  GRP Tank

With the right equipment and personnel, you can quickly get through assembling your tank. For a successful GRP Tank Installation, you need at least five workers, one of whom should be qualified.

Here is a brief installation guide:

After getting a permit to install on a particular site, ensure you have all the required equipment.

They should be free of damage to prevent a substandard finish.

Check that the area of installation is level.

Assemble the beams horizontally on the foundation or steel tower to form the skid base.

Install the bottom panel carefully on the skid base.

Install the side panels. Once the side panels are in place, you can put up the panel partitions.

The panels should be joined using bolts and nuts, as per the manufacturer's recommendations.

Install the tie rods and stainless steel partitions to support the roof.

Assemble the top cover/roof.

Install internal and external stainless steel ladders.

Tie all stainless steel nuts and bolts with a washer.

After completing the installation and getting approval from a consultant, carry out a water leak test. Connect a temporary water supply pipe and let the water stay in for at least 24 hours. Make sure you have enough air vents. If there are any leakages after the test period, rectify and seek approval.

GRP Tank Foundation Installation

GRP Tank Bottom Installation

GRP Tank Side Installation

GRP Tank Installation


We provides the following means for GRP Tank delivery.


It can be packaged with plastic packaging or wooden pallets.

Freight on Board Delivery (FOB):

If you choose to get your tank through Freight On Board Delivery, the shipping charges will vary depending on the contract. The terms of FOB delivery indicate whether we or you, the buyer, is responsible for the shipping cost and up to what point the cargo is in the hands of either party. If we take up delivery charges, then the buyer takes responsibility for the GRP Tank upon arrival at the cargo destination and pays for transportation cost after that.

Cost Insurance and Freight Delivery (CIF):

With Cost Insurance and Freight Delivery, we are solely in charge of your GRP tank delivery, until the time it arrives at your desired destination. This means that we will cover the transportation cost from the company to the port, ensure safe loading and take care of customs clearance and insurance.  However, this mode of delivery might be a bit costly because you may have to pay extra for all the resources used to cover your customs clearance and insurance. It is, however, convenient if you are pressed for time.

There are many grp panels

Our workers are loading grp tanks

We deliver grp tanks to our customers

FAQ and Tips

Is it possible to repair a leaking GRP tank or should it be replaced entirely?

Replacing a tank if the tank is small size because of a simple leak is not worthy to repair as well as the expensive air freight for the material delivery. But if it is large cubic meter tank, we advise to repair it and replace the broken panels.

Is it expensive to buy and maintain a GRP Tank?

GRP Tanks are very cost effective. The cost involved in assembly is meagre. Also, the tank requires very minimal maintenance, so you will not incur emergent costs.

Given that the tank is durable, you also will not spend a lot on refurbishments.


The GRP Tank by Atanistank is an excellent investment. It is durable, functional, and is adapted to withstand extreme outdoor conditions. It is ideal for industrial, domestic and institutional use. The panel water tank is tried and tested to prevent leakages, and keep its contents clean and free of contamination. Install one today and take care of your outdoor water storage needs.


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