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GRP water tank meaning is GRP Panel Tanks that are an good way to store water. grp panel water tank is a modular system, which enables a water storage tank of any desired size to achieve. The panel is made of materials of fiberglass reinforced plastics which make the tank pliable.

As grp water tank manufacturers in china, we supply many types of grp tanks, especially sectional & panel water storage tanks, frp potable water tank and grp sectional tanks. Our service has many features, such as fast delivery, competitive price, especially grp water tank installation service.

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What is grp water tank? GRP water tank (also known as Fiberglass Reinforced Water Tank) is also called SMC storage water tank, FRP water storage tank, SMC panel tanks, FRP panel tank, GRP panel tank, GRP sectional water tank, GRP panel tank etc.

It consists mainly of fiberglass and resin called Sheet Molding Compound” -- a fiber-reinforced material that consists of a thermosetting resin glass fiber. It is hydraulically hot pressed into panels of varying sizes and thicknesses depending on the customer's needs. We provide regular grp sectional water tanks, such as 1m3 smc water tank. Normal grp water tanks panels is 1m*1m.

These panels are then used to assemble the panel water tank by connecting them to each other via the steel skeleton and rubber gaskets in between each panel.

We supply grp water panel tanks depending on the customer’s needs.

We provide blue frp water panel tanks used in buildings.

We provide frp sectional water panel tanks used for storing rainwater.

We offer frp water panel tanks used in buildings.


Grp Water Tank Specifications
Material Size Panel Shape Thickness Remarks Volume Color Water quality
GRP /FRP /SMC 1x1 m, 1x0.5 m, 0.5x0.5 m Square with a convex design 4-16 mm Thickness Tolerance: ±0.2mm From 1m3 to 1000m3 Any color you want. Passes in accordance with GB5740
GRP/SMC water tank panel physical and chemical properties:
Tensile strength (Mpa)≥60 Bending strength (Mpa)≥100 Bending modulus (Gpa)≥7.0 Pap hardness≥60 Bibulous rate,%≤1.0 Glass fiber content,%≥25
No leaks after being filled with water. Deformation after being filled with water: Wall maximum deformation was no more than 1.0% of the tank’s bottom center height. Maximum deformation was no more than 10 mm.
Grp Water Tank Panel Specification
Tank Height(m) Thickness of each panel
bottom panel 1st layer side panel 2nd layer side panel 3rd layer side panel 4th layer side panel cover pane
1 10 10 / / / 5
1.5 12 12 5 / /
2 12 12 10 / /
2.5 14 14 12 5 /
3 16 16 12 10 /
3.5 18 18 14 5 5
4 20 20 16 12 10
GRP Water Tank Weight Specification
Item name size Thíckness(lm*lm) Weight(lm*lm) size Thíckness(lm*lm) Weight(lm*lm)
GRP panels 6# 4mm 12kg 16# 11mm 25kg
8# 6mm 14kg 18# 12mm 27kg
10# 7mm 16kg 20# 13mm 29kg
11# 7.5mm 17kg 22# 14mm 31kg
12# 8.5mm 19kg 24# 15mm 33kg
14# 10mm 22kg 26# 16mm 35kg


There are common nine kinds of accessories about FRP&GRP water tank:


Sealing taps



The GRP water tank is built completely with internally flanged base and externally flanged side walls. This tank varies from light to heavy duty. It is suitable for water storage having a stainless steel platform at the bottom where the water will settle down.


As designed based on a standard tanks requirement, GRP water tank is sealed with galvanised bolts and nuts. It uses galvanised bolts and nuts to BS 729 with stainless steel grade 316 bolts under water.


Having a depth of a minimum of 1.5 meters, GRP storage tank has a ladder both inside and out. This is applicable on tanks not on raised platform, but if it is so, ladders will be a bit lower on its height. Safety cages will be installed in accordance to BS4211 1994 on external ladders on tanks with a minimum height of 2 meters.




Inner support rod

The inner support rod of the tank as provided for additional rigidity of the tank performance, should be checked against corrosion to avoid malfunction and contamination. If it corrodes, rectification is recommended.

Steel C-channel base

The base of this GRP water tank is provided with steel c-channel for durability in either light or heavy duty purposes. This adds the provision that the tank could be laid directly on a concrete plinth on a trowelled finish, brushed clean, and free from any protuberances.  The surface should be flat.

Drawing bar plate

Tank is provided with drawing bar plate for the tensile force of the tank to resist when it stored. To a desired capacity, this will allow the water inside to maximize avoiding the tank from having any deformation.

Inner support rod

Steel C-channel base

Drawing bar plate

Inner drawing bar

With almost the same purpose to the external drawing bar plate, the GRP water tank inner drawing bar adds the purpose of tensile counteract of both the flow of the stored water inside and the stretch of the enclosure tank material.


The tank is provided with plugs to prevent leaks and stop seeping of water on any holes and  joints. It is abrasive resistant and is compatible with any waterproofing substances.It will locate on the four corners on top and on the bottom.

Glass cement

Glass cement has been used on setting mortar on plugs during installation or on any leaks or  cracks during repair. when we finish the installation by screws. Glass cement is very neccessory. if build a 400cubic meter. it will need 40bottles cements.

Inner drawing bar


Glass cement


Excellent UV and weather-resistant characteristics; Corrosion and rust resistant

This means that whether they are placed inside or outside, the GRP water tank will remain functional and reliable despite the hot sun, pouring rains, or even acid rain.

High strength and Durability

This feature ensures you that the panels and structure itself is sturdy and tough enough to withstand the normal wear and tear of normal everyday use.

Easy installation by plumbers and general technicians with the help of conventional tools

This is also thanks to the GRP panel water tank’s simple design. It doesn’t require specialized tools or assistance which are often costly and time-consuming.

Excellent Hygienic, good water quality

This means that you can safely store drinking water without fear bacteria or chemicals being released by the panels themselves because the panels are non-toxic and they prevent bacteria increasing.

High seismic tolerances; Does not deform or dent

This is another proof of the GRP water panel tank’s durability and strength. This is an especially relevant piece of information for you readers who live in places where earthquakes and tremors are a constant threat.


This says that the GRP water tank, despite being constructed from separate panels, have been designed and made to fit each other so well that no leaks occur.

Low thermal conductivity and excellent thermal insulation

This means that your GRP water tank won’t conduct heat very much. This has the effect of keeping warm water warm and cool water cool-- depending on what temperature water you placed in the tank.

Easy cleaning and maintenance. Convenient to manage

The GRP water panel tank is mostly hollow on the inside, apart from the metal pipes that make up its skeleton. This simplicity in design means that the tank is easy to clean and maintain.

Easy to assemble in any size

Because the tank is a GRP panel type water tank, you can basically build up your tank to any size on site. This saves you both time and money that would have gone to buying a new fixed-sized tank.

Easy to dismantle and shift in case of change

Again, because of the simple design and structure, the GRP water tank can be disassembled just as quickly as it was assembled if you ever need to move your home or business.

Easy to increase or decrease the size

Finally, because the tank is made up mostly of panels, you’ll find it really easy to increase or decrease its capacity and size by simple adding or subtracting panels from it.


Since the GRP water tank is so modular and customizable, it naturally has lots of possible applications.

Here are some of the key applications for the GRP water tank:

For your residential or commercial drinking water storage:

Homes and businesses need drinking water for their family members or occupants. Grp water tank sizes and capacity can be made to fit into any of these places so this one’s a no-brainer.

For collecting and storing rainwater:

Dryer places with low water supply or rainfall will find that the ability to store large amounts of water during those rainy times can be a godsend. Can also be used if you just want to live off the grid.

For agriculture water tank:

As climate change, there may be a long and unpredictable dry season, many growers are turning to water storage tanks to help offset these droughts.

For storing hazardous materials or waste:

This is more for businesses and enterprises that produce hazardous wastes as a by-product.

Libraries, schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, construction sites, and industrial buildings:

Important to these places that have fire hazards (factories for chemicals and fuel, paper storage, etc) or because their main business is requires large amounts of water (concrete mixing for construction sites, water amusement parks, swimming pools, golf courses, car washers, farming and livestock, etc.).

Storing hazardous materials or waste

Collecting and storing rainwater

Residential or commercial drinking water storage

Agriculture water tank

GRP water tank installation

To install a grp water tank, the construction of concrete bar foundation should be done first. The outlet pipe and drain pipe should be closed after the assembly is completed, and the inlet pipe should be opened. No leakage can be qualified after 24 hours.

5000 litre grp water tank installation

32000 litre grp water tank installation

100000 litre grp water tank installation



Packaged according to the standards of each country. It can range from just plastic packaging to wooden pallets that vary in size depending on the quantity purchased.


We typically ships within 15 days as a frp water tank manufacturer.

There are many frp water panels in our factory

There are many frp water panels to package on the transportation trucks

We deliver grp & frp water tanks with high quality to our customers


We (grp water tank suppliers) provides many kinds of warranties. For a high quality grp water tank, it carries a high warranty too.

There could be early issues on grp sectional water tanks in as early as 2 years, however, those frp water storage tanks in good quality can last for 10 years to even 35 years maximum.


If I buy frp sectional water tank, which sizes do you supply?

Because we are GRP & frp panel water tank supplier, we supply 10m3, 20m3, 50m3, 100m3, 200m3, 300m3. We also offer many frp water tank sizes to you such as 1000 litre grp water tank, 3000 litre grp water tank, 2500 gallon grp sectional tank, 2500 gallon rainwater storage tank, 2500 gallon underground water storage tanks, 5000 gallon water tank, 10000 gallon grp water tank, 100000 gallon water tank, 150000 gallon water tank, 250000 gallon water tank.

How much can I buy frp panel water tank?

Grp water tank price: $500-$6000. The price depends on the size and number of sets you want.

Where do you buy grp & frp sectional water tank ?

You can order by directly contacting us through email or telephone. We have many sizes of products (like different number of sets of GRP water tanks, GRP sectional water tanks or FRP panel tanks, panel water storage tanks )

How long to wait for delivery?

We deliver grp & frp panel water tank by sea within 15 days.

Which countries do you mainly export to?

UAE,Kuwait,Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Singapore, Qatar, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Lebanon, Sharjah, Pakistan, Turkey


Our company that does business to business marketing and prides myself on saving its customers time and labor.

The GRP water tank from us is a worthwhile investment if you’re looking for an easy and reusable water storage system. You buy this product for your large water storage needs.


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