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Kwikstage Scaffolding

  • Safety Load Bearing Tested
  • Work Safe Certified Kwikstage Manufacturer
  • CE Certified Factory
  • ISO 9001 Kwiktage Scaffold Supplier

Wellmade: Your Best Kwikstage Scaffolding Manufacturer

Wellmade is a professional kwikstage scaffolding manufacturer in China.  We have supplied painted and galvanized kwikstage scaffolding to global countries. Include Australia, UK, Ireland, South Africa, Mauritius, Saudi Arabia, etc.

Wellmade has manufactured kwikstage scaffolding for more than 25 years in China. Our kwikstage scaffolding has been tested and certified in Melbourne Test House and SGS. Wellmade is also certified as Work Safe manufacturer in Australia.

You can find complete parts and sizes for your kwikstage scaffolding system. Include standards, ledgers, braces, battens&boards, hop-up brackets, toe boards, etc.

As an ISO 9001 & CE certified manufacturer, we ensure your kwikstage scaffold materials from raw material quality to welding, safe weight-bearing load, etc.  In addition, we offer product warranties for all materials shipped from Wellmade.

Send us your kwikstage scaffolding requirement to get a competitive price now.

Kwikstage Scaffolding Types and Components

Australian kwikstage scaffolding is manufactured according to AS1576 standard. Wellmade makes the quick stage scaffold for Australian scaffold and formwork companies. Certified in Melbourne.

African type kwikstage scaffolding is manufactured for African scaffolding and formwork companies. It includes a hook on boards and C pressing ledgers. Africa quick stage used for both construction and quick form shoring.

Indonesia speedshore scaffold is also called star shore. It is heavy duty made by 4.0mm scaffold tubes. The steel grade is S355(Q345). Hot-dip galvanized makes the kwikstage system more durable.

Kwikstage scaffold standards are vertical parts of the quick stage system. It is with V Clips at 500mm intervals. The kwik stage standards are made of 48mm scaffold tubes.

Australia and British standard kwikstage ledgers are with thumbs and wedge pins. You can find 3′-8′ standard ledger sizes here.

African type kwikstage scaffold ledgers are with C pressing and wedge pins. The steel grade is S235 or S355. You can find 0.6m to 2.5m sizes for the horizontal parts.

Kwikstage scaffold boards work with the kwikstage transom. It is with plain ends and no hooks on. The boards’ sizes are 230mm in width and 63mm in thickness. Length can be 0.74 to 2.42m.

Kwikstage scaffold transom is made of steel angle iron. It is a horizontal member of the quickstage system. Scaffold battens without hooks work with kwikstage transom s.

Kwikstage corner panel is used to fill the space between scaffold battens. The sizes include 1 board to 3 boards. Half coupler is compatible with standard scaffold poles.

Kwikstage one board bracket is a short size of kwikstage scaffolding transom. The size of one board transom is 230mm. Which is able to put one standard board on it.

Kwikstage 2 board bracket is a side bracket used to support work platforms. The size is 460mm for two standard board widths.

You can find 2.4×1.5m and 2.4×2.0mm different types of aluminum stairs for your kwikstage scaffolding system. The staircase with internal and external handrails for protection.

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Wellmade Makes High Quality Kwikstage Scaffolding - Manufacturing Video

Wellmade manufactures all standard kwikstage scaffolding components for you. As a CE-certified manufacturer, we ensure top-quality welding for all quick-stage components. You can also expect MTC and test reports for your kwikstage materials.
Wellmade also helps you to mock up all components during manufacturing. It ensures the kwikstage scaffold parts compatible with each other.
We customize your kwikstage scaffold dimension and sizes too. Our big manufacturing capacity is able to bring you competitive prices and quick delivery.
Wellmade makes the kwikstage scaffold for global scaffold and formwork companies. In most countries, door-to-door delivery is available.
Send us your quick stage scaffolding requirement to get a good price now.

Kwikstage Scaffolding Guide

What is Kwikstage Scaffolding

Kwikstage scaffolding is also called quick stage scaffold. It is a type of modular system scaffold. You can find prefabricated components of kwikstage standards, ledgers(horizontals), diagonals braces, adjustable jack base, boards, etc in the system.
Kwikstage scaffolding tower height can reach 50 meters for double scaffold construction. For full frame scaffolding, you can erect the kwikstage scaffold to 36meter. More than the height, need a professional design.

There are 3 types of kwikstage scaffolding: painted, powder-coated, and galvanized. The best kwikstage scaffold is a hot-dip galvanized scaffold. It is the most durable in anti-corrosion.

Kwikstage Scaffold Installation Video

Kwikstage and Three Types of Scaffold

There are three types of scaffolds for modular system construction.

  1. Cuplock Scaffolding
  2. Ringlock Scaffolding
  3. Kwikstage Scaffolding

Cuplock scaffolding is a system scaffold with modular elements of top cup and bottom cups on cuplock verticals and ledger blades on cuplock horizontals. In erection, the top and bottom cups lock the horizontal blades to form frames and support.

Ringlock scaffolding is also called rosette scaffolding or Layher allround scaffold, pin lock scaffold, multidirectional scaffolding, etc. It is with rosette rings on the verticals and cast steel ledger heads and wedge pins on the ring lock horizontals. In the scaffold erection, ringlock horizontal wedge pins lock with the rosette of the ringlock scaffold standards. Ringlock scaffold is always hot dip galvanized. It is durable and the most commonly used scaffold for both construction buildings and concrete shoring in the global range.

Kwikstage scaffolding is the 3rd type ofsystem scaffold. It includes stars on the standards. So it is called star scaffolding.  Kwikstage ledgers and braces include wedge pins. The wedges pins are locked with stars of the kwikstage standards. Kwikstage system helps a quick erection in construction and staging. There are painted, powder-coated, and galvanized kwikstage scaffold materials for anti-rusty purposes.

Kwikstage Scaffolding Bay Length

Australia & UK Kwikstage Scaffold Bay Length

  1. 0.76m (2’6″)
  2. 1.27m (4’2″)
  3. 1.83m (6′)
  4. 2.44m (8′)
  5. 0.56m (1’10”)
  6. 0.812m(2’8″)
  7. 1.0m(3’4″)
  8. 3.05m(10′)

South Africa Kwikstage Scaffold Bay Length

  1. 500mm
  2. 600mm
  3. 800mm
  4. 900mm
  5. 990mm
  6. 1000mm
  7. 1200mm
  8. 1219mm
  9. 1294mm
  10. 1500mm
  11. 2000mm
  12. 2500m
  13. 2700mm
  14. 3000mm

Kwikstage Scaffold 1 Board to 5 Board Width

Kwikstage scaffold bracket and transoms width are measured according to the scaffold board width. You can find one board, two boards, three boards, four boards, and five boards scaffolds in the quick stage system.

The standard kwikstage scaffold board width is 230mm. Thus 1 board to 5 board scaffold width:

  • 1 board: 230mm
  • 2 board: 460mm
  • 3 board: 690mm
  • 4 board: 920mm
  • 5 board: 1150mm

Scaffold Sole Board for Kwikstage

The sole board is short timber boards, cut from hardwood timber. It is put under the scaffold base plate in scaffold erection. The sole boards are used when the gound base is soft. It helps to distribute the imposed bearing load from the scaffold too.

The minimum dimension of the sole board is 220mm in width and 35mm in thickness. The length of the sole board is 300 to 700mm.

Australian Kwikstage Scaffolding Components

Following are the Australian and British type kwikstage scaffold components’ dimensions, sizes, and weight. You can find the details for the following components:

  1. Kwiktage Scaffolding Standards
  2. Kwikstage Scaffolding Ledgers
  3. Kwikstage Scaffold Braces
  4. Kwikstage Transom
  5. Kwikatge Battens
  6. Kwikstage Tie Bars
  7. Kwikstage Return Transom(British Type)
  8. Kwikstage 1 Board to 3 Board Brackets
  9. Kwikstage Ladder Access Transom
  10. Kwikstage Corner Frames
  11. Kwikstage Lading Bay Transom
  12. Kwkkstage Scaffold Toe Board Clips
  13. Kwikstage End Toe Board CLips

Kwik Stage Scaffold Standard

Wellmade’s Kwikstage Standards Are Vertical Components In System Scaffolding. It is made From Scaffold Tube OD48.3×4.0mm with Elements of Spigot Connectors and V Clips On. Spigot Coupling Pins on Standard are Connectors Between Each Kwikstage Standard in Verticals. While V Clips is Used to Fixing Kwikstage Ledgers Onto Standard Poles. Kwikstage Standards Can be Painted Finishing or Galvanized Finishing.

Code Items Size Weight
WKS050 0.5m Kwikstage Standards OD 48.3 x 500mm  3.0KG
WKS100 1.0m Kwikstage Standards OD 48.3 x 1000mm  6.2KG
WKS150 1.5m Kwikstage Standards OD 48.3 x 1500mm  8.5KG
WKS200 2.0m Kwikstage Standards OD 48.3 x 2000mm 11.7KG
WKS250 2.5m Kwikstage Standards OD 48.3 x 2500mm 14.4KG
WKS300 3.0m Kwikstage Standards OD 48.3 x 3000mm 17.2KG

Kwikstage Scaffolding Ledger Horizontal

Kwikstage Ledgers Are  Made From OD48.3×3.2mm Scaffold Tube. It Is A Horizontal Member In The System Scaffolding.  Ledger Horizontals Has Wedge Pins to Be Fixed Onto Kwikstage Standard Poles.

Code Items Size(mm) LG Weight
WKL120 4’2″ Kwikstage Ledger OD48.3×3.2mmx1200(C to C) 4’2″ 5.6KG
WKL180 6′ Kwikstage Ledger OD48.3×3.2mmx1800(C to C) 6′ 7.0KG
WKL240 8′ Kwikstage Ledger OD48.3×3.2mmx2400(C to V) 8′ 9.2KG

Kwikstage Scaffolding Braces

Kwikstage Scaffold Diagonal Braces Is Made From OD48mm Scaffold Tube With Parts of C Pressing and Wedge Pin to Make System Scaffolding Stable in Diagonal.

Code Items Size(mm) LG Weight
WKB183 Kwikstage Braces 6′ OD48.3×3.2×1830 6′ 8.65KG
WKB275 Kwikstage Braces 9′ OD48.3×3.2×2750 9′ 12.3KG
WKB353 Kwikstage Braces 11’6″ OD48.3×3.2×3530 11’6″ 15.30KG
WKB366 Kwikstage Braces 12′ OD48.3×3.2×3660 12′ 15.80KG

Kwikstage Scaffolding Batten Boards

Kwikstage Scaffold Battens Is A Component Sit On Scaffold Transom. Size Is In 238x57mm(230x63mm Too).  Scaffold Battens Form Work Platforms In Construction Access.

Code No. Items Size Weight
WKP076 Kwikstage Scaffolding Battens 238x57x2’6 6.20KG
WKP120 238x57x4′ 9.10KG
WKP180 238x57x6′ 13.5KG
WKP240 238x57x8′ 17.1KG

 Kwikstage Scaffolding Tie Bar

Wellmade’s Kwikstage Scaffolding Tie Bars Are Components for Construction Safety Protection. It is Used At the Side of Kwikstage Board Bracket Platform. Tie Bars Are Made From High Steel Iron Bars.

Code Items Size Weight
WKTB120 Kwikstage Scaffolding System Tie Bar 30x30mmx4′ 3.80KG
WKTB180 30x30mmx6′ 5.40KG
WKTB240 30x30mmx8′ 7.20KG

Kwikstage Scaffolding Transom

Code No. Item Size Weight
WKT060 Kwikstage Scaffold Transom 50x50mmx2′ 3.30KG
WKT080 50x50mmx2’8 5.00KG
WKT120 50x50mmx4′ 9.70KG
WKT180 50x50mmx6′ 13.1KG
Kwikstage Transom Is A Component to Form a Support For Scaffold Boards and Battens. It Is Made From 50x50mm Steel Iron Bars With Components of Wedge Pins to Connected Between Kwikstage Standards.

 Kwikstage Scaffolding Return Transom

Code  Items Size LG Weight
WKRT080 Kwikstage Scaffolding Return Transom 2’8 800mm 2’8″ 8.5KG
WKRT120 Kwikstage Scaffolding Return Transom 4’2 1200mm 4’2″ 13.1KG

 Kwikstage Scaffolding Board Bracket

Code Items Size Weight
WKPB1 One Board Kwikstage Scaffold Bracket 230mm 2.3KG
WKPB2 Two Board Kwikstage Scaffold Bracket 460mm 6.4KG
WKPB3 Three Board Kwikstage Scaffold Bracket 690mm 9.1KG

 Kwikstage Scaffolding Ladder Access Transom

Code Items Size Weight
WKLAT120 Kwikstage 1.2m Ladder Access Transom 4’2 10KG

 Kwikstage Scaffolding Internal Corner Frame

Code Description Size Weight
WKCF Kwikstage Scaffolding Internal Corner Frame 530mm 13.7KG

 Kwikstage Scaffolding Loading Bay Transom

kwikstage scaffold loading bay transom
Code Description Size Weight
WKLBT Kwikstage Scaffolding Loading Bay Transom 8′ 33KG

  Kwikstage Scaffolding Toe Board Clip

Code Description Usage Weight
WKTB Kwikstage Scaffolding Toe Board Clamp Hold Toe Board in Position 0.8KG
kwikstage scaffold toe board clip bracket and end toe board bracket

Kwikstage Scaffolding End Toe Board Bracket Clip

Code Item Usage Weight
WKETB Kwikstage End Toe Board Bracket Fix Toe Board By Fitting Into  Standard V Clip 1.3KG

Australian Kwikstage Scaffold Catalogue Download

Indonesia Speedshore Scaffold Catalogue Download

Kwikstage Scaffold Installation Guide Download

Kwikstage Scaffold Max Weight In Load

According to Ultimate Test In SGS, the kwikstage scaffold tower can take a max 367 KN weight for a 4 leg kwikstage scaffold tower.  For single kwikstage vertical legs, it can take 67.49KN weight from concrete or construction.

Wellmade Kwikstage Scaffolding

Wellmade Holds Scaffolding License NSW As Work Safe Kwik Stage Scaffold for Construction & False Work.
Wellmade’s Kwikstage Scaffold Is Premier Modular Quick Scaffolds. Saves Your Time and Cost In Construction, Access, Building, and Form Work Support.
You Can Find All Components&Parts of Kwik Stage Scaffolds In Wellmade Scaffold.
We Have Following Kwik Stage Scaffold Systems:
Australian Standard Kwik Stage Scaffold
British Kwikstage Scaffolding
South Africa Quick Stage System
Indonesia Speed Shore Quick Scaffolds
Wellmade kwikstage scaffolding is the most efficient form of scaffolding. Without system scaffolds like kwikstage scaffolding,ringlock and cuplock, it’s hard for construction worker to manage their work.

That’s why we manufacture Wellmade kwikstage scaffolding for your safety. By using Wellmade kwikstage scaffolding, you will never stumble or fall down from elevated heights to the ground.

Wellmade kwikstage scaffolding is manufactured for different industrial applications. You can use our kwikstage scaffolding for painting, construction, roofing, and more.

Mostly, the components of Wellmade kwikstage scaffolding are used wherever regular scaffold is used. Along with its patented interlocking system, you can safely and easily build our durable kwikstage scaffolding to any height.

Wellmade kwikstage scaffolding is compatible with different materials such as aluminum, steel, and timber. The materials being used are cost-efficient and revolutionary.

What’s more, you can simply use Wellmade kwikstage scaffolding as an alternative to conventional types. Because our kwikstage scaffolding can work together with any scaffold tubes and fittings method.

Generally, Wellmade kwikstage scaffolding is the best choice for construction managers whether being used for residential or business purposes.

Due to its advantageous benefits, Wellmade kwikstage scaffolding is being popular in construction sites across the world.

The following are the major benefits of using Wellmade kwikstage scaffolding:

  • Easy pull-down and simple to install
  • Compliant to various buildings and construction
  • Exceptional quality
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Permanence
  • Lower losses
  • Modest maintenance costs

More than the quick stage material’s high quality,  we do the prefabricated system components mock-up during manufacturing. You can relieve to send the material directly to the construction sites. The mock-Up Inspection is our QC department’ Daily Work.

kwikstage scaffolding parts mock up in wellmade

Kwikstage scaffolding is made of steel. The steel grade and quality decide the quick stage scaffold’s stability and safety.  In daily quality control, we do the following tests to ensure our kwikstage scaffold material is the best quality:

    • Steel Chemical Composition Test
    • Yield Strength Test
    • Tensile Strength Test
    • Welding Line Penetration Test
    • Flatten Test

Wellmade kwikstage scaffolding is suitable for use for commercial purposes. It’s because kwikstage scaffolding from us had complied with the industry standards.

At Wellmade, we have a comprehensive range of kwikstage scaffolding as well as a stock of a complete range of kwikstage scaffolding accessories to complete your job in no time at all.

As your reliable and one-stop-shop for kwikstage scaffolding accessories, Wellmade offers kwikstage scaffolding braces, kwikstage scaffolding batten boards, kwikstage scaffolding tie bars, kwikstage scaffolding transom, kwikstage scaffolding return transom, kwikstage scaffolding board bracket, kwikstage scaffolding ladder access transom, kwikstage scaffolding loading bay transom, kwikstage scaffolding toe board clip, and kwikstage scaffolding end toe board bracket clip.

All of our kwikstage scaffolding are tested according to AS 1576 for The System & Components. While our Kwikstage boards are certified safety according to AS 1577 standard in Australia.

In order to customized your kwikstage scaffolding, Wellmade offers all colors for painted Kwik Stage Scaffold.  Galvanized Kwikstage Scaffolding is more durable in the long term & repeats work.

Kwikstage scaffolding, the Same as Ring Lock Scaffolding, Cuplock Scaffolding, is one of the most popular System Scaffolds widely used globally.

Wellmade is the biggest kwikstage scaffolding manufacturer in China for more than 10 years. We proceeded with ISO9001 for kwikstage scaffold quality management, ISO3834, and EN 1090 CE standards for welding quality control.

For your kwikstage scaffolding needs, you can always rely on Wellmade. We accept small or large orders for kwikstage scaffolding.

Contact us now for a quick solution to your scaffolding needs.

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