Sewer Sealing Cushions

instead of conventional pipe plugs
For pipe shut offs & Leaking tests

  • No additional bracing required
  • Long lifetime
  • For all cross-sectional shapes
  • Repairable
  • Lightweight, easy to handle
  • Low space requirements
  • Fitting through normal manholes
  • Chemical resistant

Inventor, Manufacturer & Supplier
for more than 70 years

  • Certified DIN EN ISO 9001:2015
  • Patented products
  • Personal advice
  • Own manufacturing
  • Customized solutions
  • Repair and maintenance service

Sewer Sealing System KAS

Pneumatic alternative to mechanical gate valves
for extinguishing water retention
& hazardous substance retention

Sewer Sealing Cushions Series 2000

with pipe-bypass
enable a transport of water through the construction site

Mini pipe plugs

Special rubber with fabric reinforcement
For pipe diameters up to 600mm

Latest innovation

Heavy duty brackets
Worldwide unique!

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Exhibition impressions IFAT 2022

For the first time in over 2 years, we were finally able to present our products live on site at a trade fair. IFAT in Munich was a huge success for us. Here are a few of our impressions.

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LAMPE GmbH: Your specialist for pipe sealing techniques (pipe plugs, Sewer Sealing Cushions and bladders)

You are looking for pipe plugs, Sewer Sealing Cushions or bladders for pipe sealings?

This is the right place for you! You can buy your pipe plugs, sealing cushions and bladders directly from the manufacturer and inventor of the conical Sewer Sealing Cushions.

For over 40 years we, LAMPE GmbH from Stadtoldendorf, have been developing and manufacturing shut-off products such as pipe plugs, bladders and Sewer Sealing Cushions. In addition to mobile shut-off technology, we also offer a fixed installed shut-off solution als an alternative to mechanical gate valves and pneumatic rescue equipment such as lifting bags.

We developed the most innovative and successful product from our company over 40 years ago:
Our conical LAMPE Sewer Sealing Cushions.

LAMPE Sewer Sealing Cushions: More economical, easier to handle and safer than conventional pipe plugs.

Compared to a conventional, stretching pipe plug and other rubber bladders, these devices offer some enormous advantages, which make their use much more economical, easier and above all safer:

LAMPE Sewer Sealing Cushions do not require an additional bracing.

This means that they do not have to be additionally braced against movement. A conventional pipe plug, on the other hand, must always be additionally braced.

LAMPE Sewer Sealing Cushions can be used in different pipe profiles.

Conventional pipe plugs can only be used in round pipes. Our Sewer Sealing Cushions can also be used in ovoid, rectangular, kite shape and any other special pipe profiles.

LAMPE Sewer Sealing Cushions have a very long lifetime.

Our conical Sewer Sealing Cushions, made of neoprene offer a much longer lifetime than conventional pipe plugs made of rubber.

LAMPE Sewer Sealing Cushions are repairable.

If, on the other hand, a conventional pipe plug is damaged, these devices almost always have to be purchased anew and cannot be used any more.

LAMPE Sewer Sealing Cushions feature very lightweight and compact design.

LAMPE Sewer Sealing Cushions fit through small manholes and allow an easy handling.

A larger conventional pipe plug usually does not fit through a normal standard manhole any more and can therefore only be introduced very difficulty into a sewage - or rain water - pipe. Our devices up to 2.200 fit through normal manholes.

A single Sewer Sealing Cushion can be used to close of various pipe diameters.

Each individual device can be used in many different diameters. Conventional pipe plugs normally have shorter diameter ranges.

Our performance and our service as manufacturer and inventor.

Aside from the pure product advantages of our Sewer Sealing Cushions we offer:

  • Individual products for special solutions
  • Fast delivery times
  • Extremely fast reaction times to your enquiries and demands
  • Product and handling trainings
  • Deliveries worldwide through our large network of distribution partners

Our delivery-program

Sewer Sealing Cushions [more details]

Sewer Sealing Cushions for sewer rehabilitation and for leak tests. The clever alternative to conventional pipe plugs.

Series 2000 with pipe bypass [more details]

Special Sewer Sealing Cushions that use a stable plastic pipe as a flow through option (pipe bypass) to ensure a large, permanent flow of water through a construction site without the need for pumps. The technology uses the given free fall of the pipe.

Sewer Sealing System KAS [more details]

A stationary, pneumatic emergency sewer shut-off system for the retention of extinguishing water or other accidents in the sewage and rainwater system. The intelligent alternative to mechanical gate valves. In the applications mentioned, this solution offers a clean and safe compatibility between fast deployment and valid occupational health and safety guidelines compared to mobile Sewer Sealing Cushions and pipe plugs.

Mini pipe plugs (More details)

Simple rubber pipe plugs in various versions, pipe plugs for house connections, short pipe plugs, etc.

Lifting bags / LAMPE-Lifter (more details)

For rescue and recovery operations.

Gully sealing plate [More details]

Sometimes gullies have to be closed quickly. For example, if there is a danger that contaminants could run into the gully and therefore into the sewage system and into open waters.

Packers for pipeline rehabilitations [more details]

With our rehabilitation packers, defective pipelines can be repaired quickly.

Tailor made solutions [More details]

Taylor made solutions are our special discipline: Whether special pressure cushions, special sleeves, pneumatic formwork, protective and partition walls, buoyancy cushions or prototype constructions. Just get in touch with us.

NBR cushions [More details]

Chemically resistant NBR cushions made of nitrile rubber. Specially developed for use in pipelines with high oil concentrations.

We are your innovative partner.


We are an owner-managed, certified company based in Stadtoldendorf in the middle of Germany and supply worldwide.

Founded in 1946, we have over seven decades of experience in the fields of environmental protection, sewer rehabilitation, rescue and recovery.

As inventors and manufacturers, we see ourselves as an innovative partner for our customers. We are continuously developing our products.

Our service for you:

  • Competent support
  • Fast response times
  • Economical solutions
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly products

Our product promises:

You can rely on them in any situation.

Our products are completely manufactured in Germany, our quality management is also certified according to ISO 9001.

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