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Plastic (PET Bottle) Recycling

PET bottles "polyethylene terephthalate" is the preferred packaging for soft drinks, fizzy drinks, juice and water. This results in large waste problems. For breweries, large volumes of discharged products need to be destroyed regularly in order to eliminate the risks of the bottles being resold again. For waste collectors handling and transport is difficult and expensive, as there is a large discrepancy between weight and volume.

Compact the PET Bottles

Our plastic bottle compactor is a great solution to both problems. When plastic bottles have been through the screw compactor their volume have been reduced 8:1. This results in an easier and cheaper transportation, as well as guarantees that the bottles cannot be resold. Plastic recycling becomes easier and cheaper with the plastic bottle compactor, since in most cases the compacted bottles can be sold for recycling.

RUNI screw compactor compacts and separates continuously the bottles while the liquid is pressed out into a tank or the sewage without making the surroundings dirty. To avoid bridging an agitator can be installed in the hopper. The machines are equipped with sensors for automatic start and stop and can be fed manually, via conveyor belt or tilt container. The compacted bottles are pushed directly into a container.

RUNI Screw Compactors for Compacting Plastic Bottles:

  • SK240 compactor with a capacity of 5000 0,5 litre bottles per hour. Max. size is 1 litre
  • SK370 compactor with a capacity of 20.000 0,5 litre bottles or 8000 1,5 litres per hour.

Both SK240 and SK370 can also separate and compact alu cans. Read more about compacting alu-cans.

Dewatering PET-bottles Cases 

Jasar Recycling, USA, Recycling of PET-bottles

Carlsberg Breweries, Denmark, Dewatering of PET-bottles and ALU-cans

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